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It is always advisable to keep well informed on the Palma Airport Arrivals, especially if you are collecting passengers from the airport.  Keeping informed with the latest arrivals information will ensure you do not turn up at the airport far too early, if a flight has been delayed. Palma De Mallorca airport is a very busy airport, especially during the peak seasons and unfortunately, delays do occur.

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Palma Airport Arrivals Procedures

The arrivals area at Palma De Mallorca airport consists of three stages:

1.         The Gate area you enter as soon as you disembark your aircraft

2.         The Baggage Reclaim area

3.         The main Arrivals area

There are three simple steps you need to complete before you are through into the main arrivals area.

Firstly, you will enter the gate area that has been allocated to your flight, once you disembark your aircraft.

Secondly, you will need to clear customs and then enter the baggage reclaims area to collect your luggage.

Thirdly, once you have collected your luggage, you will exit the baggage reclaims area and enter into the main arrivals area. Obviously, if you are only travelling with hand luggage, you can make your way to the main Arrivals area without having to stop in the ‘Baggage Reclaims’ area but you will still need to pass through ‘Baggage Reclaim’ to reach the main Arrivals area.

The Arrivals Area At Palma De Mallorca Airport

The arrivals area at Palma airport is divided into 4 separate areas A,B,C & D

Palma De Mallorca airport has 4 different departure areas (known as modules) and each one has a large number of departure gates located inside the module. Upon landing at Palma airport, your aircraft will taxi into one of these gates and as you disembark the aircraft on your arrival, (depending on which gate has been allocated for your flight),  you will either have to use one of the walk ways or air bridges provided by the airport or you may need to be transported from the aircraft to the terminal building. If this is the case for your flight, a courtesy bus will be waiting for you as you disembark the aircraft and will then drive you to the airport terminal.

The airport has one main terminal building with two levels and as stated earlier, it has 4 modules attached, these modules are known as modules A, B, C & D. The modules are simply arrivals and departures areas and each flight is allocated a module and gate.

Entering The Arrivals Area

When you first enter the terminal building at Palma airport, you will find yourself actually in one of the departure gate lounges of Modules A,B,C or D. However, don’t be alarmed if you see other people in the area at the Gate waiting to board the aircraft you have just disembarked. This is normal, especially if you are traveling with the low cost airlines such as Ryanair, who only have a 20 minute ‘turn around’ period in between flight arrivals and departures.

When you first arrive and enter the departure gates, there a several toilets close by if you need to pay a visit and also ATM cash machines should you wish to withdraw money.

Passport Control At Palma Airport Arrivals

As with any other International airport, once you are inside the terminal building upon arrival at Palma De Mallorca airport, you will be required to clear security. You will first need to clear customs at the airport, so you will need to make your way to Passport Control. To reach the Passport Control desks, you will need to follow the signs saying Exit (Sortida). This is clearly marked on the overhead signs but if you don’t see them,  simply just follow the crowd and you won’t go wrong!

Depending on which gate your aircraft is allocated upon arrival, there is normally a walk to the Passport Control and the Security area. Although there are travelators in place at Palma airport to assist you along the way, if you have restricted mobility and need assistance, simply ask a member of staff at the airport or contact the airport prior to your arrival. There are wheelchairs available for passengers whom may require one whilst at the airport.

The security staff at Palma De Mallorca airport are usually very efficient and clearing customs is generally a very quick and painless process. However, as I am sure you can appreciate at peak times when the airport is busy, this process can take a little while longer, simply due to the amount of arrivals. Even so, be patient and you will not be waiting long.

At ‘Passport Control’, you will be required to present your passport to the customs officers at the airport and any other documents that are required for your travel. As with any other airport, if you cannot provide the required documents, you may be refused entry.

After clearing passport control, you can then make your way to the baggage reclaim area. Once again, the distance to the baggage reclaim area from ‘Passport Control’ is a distance and if you have difficulty with walking and need assistance, it would be advisable to asked a member of staff at the airport once you have cleared passport control. There are several travelators along the way that help assist you with the walk.

Please Note: Palma airport has a large number of Departure Gates and the distance from each gate to the baggage reclaim area may differ but the procedures are the same in all of the gates

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