Palma Airport Taxis Guide

Taxis from Palma Airport are a popular choice of transfer for many passengers arriving at and departing from Palma De Mallorca Airport. Although taxis may not be the cheapest form of transfer to and from the airport (especially if you are travelling alone), they certainly do offer one of the quickest forms of transfer available.

Many people simply just turn up at the airport and catch a taxi from the airport but a popular choice with many passengers is to pre-book a taxi in advance and there are a number of good reasons why this is becoming such a popular option.

Pre-Book Your Taxi From Palma Airport

Pre-booking your taxi from Palma Airport is certainly worth considering and it holds so many advantages over just turning up at the airport and trying to catch a taxi. Many people are a little apprehensive about catching a taxi from the airport and the following is just a few reasons why many passengers pre-book their Palma Airport taxis.

The Benefits And Advantages Of Pre-Booking Your Palma Airport Taxis

  • The first advantage is that you do not have to waste time stood in a queue. The queues for taxis at Palma Airport can become quite long, especially in peak season and the last thing you want to be doing after a flight is standing in a long queue in the heat! Pre-booking your taxi will mean that there will be a designated taxi waiting for you at the airport upon your arrival and that the driver will be at the Arrivals area to greet you once you arrive. This eliminate all the waiting and standing in the long queues which is a bonus, especially if you are travelling with children!


  • Arriving in a foreign country can be a little daunting for many people, especially if it is a place that they have never been to before. There are many reasons why people are apprehensive about getting in a taxi in a foreign country and some of the reasons are due to the language barriers, foreign currencies and simply not knowing how much the fare will actually be for their journey and worry whether you will be overcharged. Pre-booking your taxi in advance eliminates any of these fears because when you pre-book your taxi from Palma Airport, you will be quoted a price for your journey and will then pay for the taxi in advance. This means that you will already have paid for your taxi and will not have to worry about how much the taxi fare will be, if you have enough money or have to worry about being overcharged due to the foreign currencies.

10 Advantages Of Pre-Booking Your Palma Airport Taxis

  • Ensure you taxi will be waiting at Palma Airport Upon your arrival
  • Pre select your pick up and drop locations
  • Receive an instant quote online
  • Pay for your taxi in advance via a secure booking process and receive your booking conformation
  • Eliminate the worry of being overcharged and foreign currencies
  • Eliminate worrying about language barriers or paying the driver because you will already have paid and the driver will have all the details of your destination drop off location
  • Eliminate all the waiting in queues and for other passengers
  • Eliminate having to stress about finding transfers and agreeing a price once you arrive at the airport
  • Ensure you begin your onward journey in a relaxed and comfortable way
  • Provides you with a quick, safe and reliable for of transfer from Palma Airport

As you can see, pre-booking your taxi in advance eliminates a lot of the stress and worry that goes with just turning up at the airport and trying to get a taxi. Pre-booking your taxi from Palma Airport is very simple and if you would like to see how much a the taxi fare would be from Palma Airport to your chosen destination, simply click on the link below:

Pre-Book Taxis From Palma Airport

If you do not wish to pre-book your taxi in advance from Palma De Mallorca Airport and would prefer to just turn up at the airport, then the following information may be of benefit to you. There are certain things you should be familiar with about the taxis from Palma Airport and reading the following information will hopefully make your journey easier and also make you more familiar with the Palma Airport taxis fares.

Where Do I Catch A Taxi From At Palma Airport

Palma Airport Taxis SpainThere is a designated taxi rank located just outside the main Arrivals area at Palma Airport and as you exit the terminal building, you will see the taxi rank and if not, you will see one of the many signs that will point you in the right direction.

If you wish to take a taxi to your final destination, simply make your way to the taxi and join the queue. You should always ensure you use one of the approved taxis that can be found at the designated taxi rank and not from elsewhere or with someone who tries to get your custom by approaching you at the airport.

How Much Is A Taxi From Palma Airport

The taxi fares from the airport are determined by the distance of your journey. As you can appreciate, there are thousands of passengers arriving and departing from the airport each and every day who use the services of the taxis at Palma Airport. Each one of these journeys is different due to destination and requirements and as a result, each one of the fares will vary. However, there are several popular destinations that are common and the prices for these destination are displayed on boards throughout the airport. If you are travelling to one of the popular destinations or resorts on the island and wish to take a taxi you should familiarise yourself with the average taxi fare to your chosen destination.

Day And Night Tariffs For Palma Airport Taxis

The airport taxis that operate from Palma De Mallorca Airport have two separate tariffs and these are a ‘Daytime’ tariff and a ‘Night time’ tariff. Between certain hours of the day you will be charge one price and after a certain time in the evening, you will be charged an additional fee. There are also different times at the weekend and holidays that the taxi tariffs will vary and if you have any doubt, you should always ask the taxi driver before getting in the taxi.

There are several things that you will be charged for if you catch a taxi from the airport and they are:

Starting Of Service Fee: There is a starting tariff that for every journey

Minimum Fare: You will be charged a minimum fee for any journey and it is always advisable to ask what the minimum fare will be.

Price klm/mile: There is a set price per mile on the taxis from the airport.

Waiting Time: All taxis will charge a set fee for waiting time

Please Note: You may also be charged additional fees if you have suitcases or for any journeys that start or end at the Airport or Port.

As we mentioned previously, all these have different tariff during the day and night.

Day Fare: 06.00am – 21.00pm

The daytime tariff is charged between the hours of 06.00am and 21.00pm

Night Time Tariff: 21.00pm – 06.00am

It is always good to take these variable tariffs into consideration if you intend to take a taxi to and from the airport just so that you do not become confused and think you have been over charged for one of your journeys.

Taxi Fares To Popular Resorts And Destinations

Throughout the airport you will see many boards that show the distance and taxi fares to many of the popular destinations and resorts on the island of Mallorca. The boards also list a ‘Day’ and ‘Night’ tariff for Palma Airport Taxis.