Palma Airport Transfers – A Simple Guide

Transfers From Palma Airport

Transfers from Palma airport are very easy and passengers landing at Palma De Mallorca airport have a wide range of option of transport to and from the airport. Due to the fact that Palma airport is one of the busiest airports in Spain, means that there is a very good ground support network in place at the airport to help transport passengers to and from the airport to the many popular destinations and holiday resorts on the island.

Obviously, if you have booked a package holiday, you will more often than not have transfer to and from the airport included in your package. If this is the case, you will be met in the Main Arrivals Area at Palma De Mallorca airport by your holiday representative.

However, independent travel has become much easier and as a result, is now becoming a very popular option for travellers. If you have chosen to book your travel independently and are looking at the best options regarding transfers Palma airport transfers, I hope the following information will be beneficial to you in making your decision.

Available Options For Transfers From Palma Airport

Firstly, the option you choose for Palma airport transfers will depend on your own preference and budget. Although there are many options available to you at Palma airport, these options all vary in price. The following is a list of the most popular transfer options at Palma airport.

Public Transport:

The Palma Airport Bus

The Palma airport bus is probably the cheapest option for passengers arriving at the airport who are wanting to reach to one of the nearest resorts to Palma De Mallorc airport. The resorts of Can Pastilla, S.Arenal and Palma itself are the 3 closest resorts to Palma airport. Can Pastilla is only a few miles from the airport and only takes 5 minutes to reach on the Palma airport bus. The bus then goes on to S.Arenal which is only another few minutes journey on the bus. There is also a bus that runs from the airport to the city of Palma itself and once again, this only takes about 20-25 minute. The price of the Palma airport bus is €2.50 one way (at the time of writing) and make one of the cheapest forms of Palma airport transfers available to passengers.

Plus Points: The plus points about using public transport are that it is cheap and you can walk straight out of the airport to the bus stop.

Negative Points: Can get busy and as a result a little crowded (especially at peak times) and can be a hassle if you have children and a large number of bags to carry. The bus only runs every 30 minutes, so if you miss the bus or it is a little over crowded, you may have to wait for the next one. You may have a walk to youraccommodation from the bus stop. You are restricted to the bus timetables if you have an early morning flight or late arrival.

To read more about the Buses from Palma airport, please click on the following link: The Palma Airport Bus

Car Hire From Palm De Mallorca Airport

Car hire is a very popular option with many passengers arriving at the airport and it is not hard to see why car hire from Palma airport is so attractive. Car hire not only provides you with total freedom and independence from arriving at the airport but is also provides you with transport for the full duration of your stay. Car rental at Palma Airport allows you to plan your own schedule without having to wait around for other passengers or having to rely on public transport. Car hire from Palma airport is relatively cheap, especially if there are a few people traveling in your party and can share the cost. When you actually weigh up the cost of how much it costs to rent a car against how much it would cost you on bus fares and taxi fares over the duration of your holiday, you may be surprised at how cheap it can work out, if not much cheaper!

Plus Points: Total freedom – Transport for the duration of your stay allowing you to see more of the island – No waiting around for other passengers or public transport.

Negative: A little more expensive, especially if traveling alone –

To read more about car hire and to find the best deals, please click on the following link: Car hire Palma airport

Shuttle Bus Palma Airport

Shuttle transfers from Palma airport are another popular and cheap option and provide a door to door service from airport to hotel and then from hotel to airport. The shuttle buses provide transfers to most of the major holiday resorts on the island of Mallorca and the prices are very reasonable. To be honest, the prices are not much more than the public bus and with the shuttle service you are dropped off at your hotel. There are several companies that offer shuttle services from Palma airport and the price is determined on the distance to your chosen destination. Most companies that offer the shuttle service offer both shared shuttle services and private shuttle services.

Plus Points: Cheap transfer option – Pick up from airport and dropped off at hotel – eliminate carrying luggage on busy public transport

Negative Points: May have to wait for other passengers if on shared shuttle

To read more about the different shuttle bus services from Palma airport, please click on the following link: Shuttle Bus Palma Airport

Taxi Palma Airport

Taxis are available from the airport and provide a fast and efficient way to reach your chosen destination. There are meant to be set rates for fares from the airport to the many destinations on the island but it is advisable to ask the driver how much the fare will be before getting in the taxi. Many people are a bit apprehensive about getting in a taxi from the airport for many reasons such as language barrier and fear of being over charged. This is why many people prefer to pre-book their taxi prior to arrival as it eliminates the possibility of being over charged.

Plus Points: Quick, fast form of transfer – drops you right at the door of your accommodation

Negative Points: Can be expensive, especially if travelling alone – Language barrier (although most do speak some English)

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Trains From Palma Airport

There is no direct rail links to and from Palma De Mallorca airport. However, if you are wanting to take the train to your final destination, you can catch the train from the central station in Palma which is located in the ‘Plaça d’Espanya’. If you wish to take the train from Palma, you will first need to make your way to Palma itself and the cheapest way to do this is by catching the Palma airport bus number 1, which stops outside the train station in Palma. To read more about the bus from Palma De Mallorca airport, please click on the following link: Palma Airport Bus