Palma De Mallorca Airport Quick Reference Guide

Airport Quick Reference Guide & FAQ’s

Where is Palma De Mallorca  Airport?

Palma De Mallorca airport is located 8 klms (5
miles) to the East of Palma itself

How Far From city is Airport?

Approximately 8 klms
(5miles) from Palma

How Long Does It Take To Get From airport to?

Depending on which transport
you choose between 10-20 minutes

What Is The Best Form Of Transfer To And From The

There are several options for passengers regarding
transfer to and from the Palma De Mallorca airport and which one you choose,
depends on where you are traveling to, your personal preference and your budget
. The following forms of transfer are the most popular:

Coach transfer – Car hire Palma De Mallorca airport
– Taxi – Palma Airport Bus – Bus And Train – Shuttle Transfer

Which Form Of Transfer Is The Best And Cheapest?

Once again, this depends on your circumstances and
budget. If you wish to go from the airport to Palma centre, then the local bus
service is very cheap and reliable. If you wish to travel further afield, it
can sometimes be much cheaper to hire a car or take one of the shuttle

How Much Are Taxis From The Airport.

Taxi prices vary from the airport and are
determined on distance. A very popular option for passengers is pre booking their taxi in advance so that they know exactly
how much it will cost before they arrive. There are Taxi information Points
located inside the airport that display the cost of taxi fares to various

Are There Any Hotels Onsite At The Airport?

No, there are no hotels actually onsite at the
airport, however, there are several hotels located very close to the airport.

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How Far Is      From The Airport?

Are There Many Hotels In    And
Which Are The Best And Cheapest?

Yes, there are several hotels in and they all fluctuate in price. They all have
their own deals, so it is hard to say which is the cheapest. There are a number
of hotels in the   x and all range in quality and price. The best way to
find the best deals for your desired dates, is to use the hotel comparison
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How Far Is x From Bergamo Airport and
How Long Does It Take To Get There?

Lake Garda is approximately 100 klms from Bergamo
airport and should take approximately between 1hr 30 mins – 2hours depending on
traffic and where abouts on the lake you are wanting to go.